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4x3 LED Quatro Recessed Drywall

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QRM-43 makes a powerful impact in any application that requires direct recessed symmetric distribution. Housing and trim flange are fabricated in extruded aluminum to display the Quatro's sharp corners and straight lines. The low profile 2 ½" x 3 ½" cross section make a strong statement in both commercial and high end application. The QRM-43 has a different construction for grid and drywall ceiling types.  

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    Catalog Page
    QRM 4x3 LED Quatro Recessed Drywall
    PH LED 4x3 Quatro
    IES Files
    QSS-43-D-SNW-LED1100-35K-4FT / DIRECT
    LED Quatro


  • Linear LED
  • Quatro
  • Mounting Type(s): Recessed Drywall
  • Size: 4x3
  • Lumens: 550/ft, 1100/ft, 1650/ft
  • Watts: 5W/ft, 9W/ft, 13W/ft.